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Yuhide Murakami (Chief researcher; Ph. D.)
at Kiritappu cape, Hokkaido

Chief researcher; Ph. D.

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1.Academic background
1977 Graduated of Department of Science at Rikkyo University
1993 Ph D. (Hiroshima University)
Dissertation:"Phytosociological study on mantle community of Japan"

2.Business career
1989-2008 Lecturer of Yokohama National University
1993-1999 Senior researcher of Japanese Center for International Studies in Ecology
1996- Docent of Department of Engineering at Hosei University (lecture "Biodiversity" in 2010)
2000-2007 Chief researcher of Japanese Center for International Studies in Ecology
2001-2005 Associate researcher of Snow Management & Construction Technology Research Center of Fukui Pref.
2006- Lecturer of Saitama University (lecture "Environmental Science" in 2010)
2007- Principal research fellow of Japanese Center for International Studies in Ecology, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies

3.Public activity
2005- Technical expert group member for The National Survey on the Natural Environment of Ministry of Environment
2007- Director of Kanagawa Prefectural Nature Conservation Association
22008- Project committee reader, member of Steering committee and Editorial committee of The Society of Vegetation Science

3.Present research theme
(1) Phytosociological research on forest edge communities
(2) Phytosociological comparative research between alien and native plant communities in waterfront
(3) Phytosociological research on special rocky vegetation
(4) Community ring in Monsoon forest in Thai
(5) Environmental restoration based on potential natural vegetation concept
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5.Major publications(*: in English, Other: in Japanese with English synopsis)
(1) Vegetation of Japan; all volumes (collaboration). Shibundo. 1980-1989.
(2) Vegetation of Japan illustrated (collaboration). Shibundo. 1990.
(3) Miyawaki, A. and Y. Murakami. Vegetation of Fujinomiya City. 177pp. 1987.
(4) Murakami, Y. and A. Miyawaki. Fagus forests in Chichibu mountains. Bull. Ins. Env. Sci & Tech, Yokohama Nat. Univ, 15(1): 103- 117.1988.
(5) Murakami, Y. and A. Miyawaki. Phytosociological study of the Chamaecyparis obtusa forests in the Chichibu mountains. Jpn. J. Ecol, 40: 85-94. 1990
(6) Murakami, Y. Mantle communities in the Nanasei Islands, southwestern Japan. Jpn. J. Ecol,41: 191-208. 1991.
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(19) Murakami, Y. A phytosiological study of annual fringe communities in Japan. Eco-Habitat, 13: 43-58. 2006.
(20) Murakami, Y. Vegetation change in the Tanzawa Mountains under the influence of deer. Eco-Habitat, 14: 19-33. 2007.
(21) Murakami, Y. and A. Ando. Succession of urban riverside vegetation during a five years period without artificial disturbance. Eco-Habitat, 15: 11-29. 2008.
(22) Murakami, Y. Basic recognition of phytosociology. Vegetation Science News, 13: 15-18. 2009.
(23) Murakami, Y. and H. Nishikawa. Comparative study between lakeside and riverside vegetation at the eastern shore of Lake Biwa. Eco-Habitat, 16: 13-52. 2009.

Birth in Tokyo at 1955. Present adress: Yokohama

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