Institute for Global Environmental Strategies Japanese Center for International Studies in Ecology

Focusing on ecological approaches as efficient means to resolve various environmental problems, and aims to conserve, restore and create sound ecosystems that protect our life, cultures, and gene resources as well as other wild life.

Field surveys and research for restoring tropical rain forests in Brazil and Malaysia

Field surveys and research on phytosociological inventory of Asia-Pacific

Field surveys and research for conservation of rural environments; Satoyama

Field surveys and research for evaluating structure and dynamics of regional ecosystems

Field surveys and research for ecological functions of restored forests

Academic Exchange & Database (in Japanese)

Phytosociological system Webservice-Japan
It is necessary to join hands not only with domestic and foreign ecology researchers but also with experts in interdisciplinary fields to demonstrate favorable results in actual programs for environmental conservation and restoration. In close cooperation with a variety of organizations, the IGES-JISE collects and analyzes ecological materials and literature for environment-creating activities overseas and supplies them in the form of applied technology.

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