Recent sharp increase in environmental problems such as destruction and disappearance of natural forests all over the world is a critical sigh toward our future. We humans have done infinite damage on nature.

IGES-Japanese Center for International Studies in Ecology (IGES-JISE ) focuses on ecological approaches as efficient means to resolve various environmental problems, and aims to conserve, restore and create sound ecosystems that protect our life, cultures, and gene resources as well as other wild life.


Akira Miyawaki (Honorary Director)
Kunio Suzuki (Director)


Name of the Institute Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
Japanese Center for International Studies in Ecology
(Acronym: IGES-JISE)
Establishment of IGES-JISE 1 April 2007
Establishment of JISE 25 October 1993
Location 2108-11 Kamiyamaguchi, Hayama, Miura, Kanagawa 240-0115, Japan
TEL. +81-46-826-9595
  • Practical ecology research center for conservation and recovery
  • International cooperation and international network construction
  • Human resource development, collecting and sharing of environmental information
  • Contributing to the conservation and recovery of the global environment
Honorary Director Akira Miyawaki
Director Kunio Suzuki


August 1993 Inauguration of the Japanese center for International Studies in Ecology
April 2007 Japanese Center for International Studies in Ecology was merged with IGES
April 2012 IGES made the transition to a public-interest incorporated foundation


Kunio Suzuki headshot

Kunio Suzuki


Shin-ichi Meguro

Chief Researcher

Tomoki Yagasaki

Senior Researcher

Hisanori Hayashi

Senior Researcher

Research Projects

The IGES-JISE's projects are based on the following six themes. Our missions in these projects are to promote practical activities to conserve, restore and create sustainable environments in collaboration with stakeholders.

Field surveys and research for restoring tropical rain forests in Brazil and Malaysia

Field surveys and research on phytosociological inventory of Asia-Pacific

Field surveys and research for evaluating structure and dynamics of regional ecosystems

Field surveys and research for conservation of rural environments; Satoyama

Field surveys and research for ecological functions of restored forests

Rehabilitation of Degraded Lands in Asia and Africa

This course program aims to encourage hands-on activities promoted by participants in JICA training programs by giving them technical support and advices so that their activities based on their draft action plans can be fruitful and sustainable and should be adaptive through self-reliance. What follows is a more detailed information regarding the training course.
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