Hisanori HAYASHI

Senior researcher of IGES-JISE
Doctor of Environment Science

From Kanagawa prefecture in 1967. Bachelor of Agriculture, Nihon University (1991). Construction Company. Master of Engineering, Yokohama National University (1994). Doctor of Environment Science, Yokohama National University (2010).
Specialize in vegetation ecology, vegetation engineering. In charge of Study on evaluation and cognition of vegetation resources. Researching the fire-preventive function, heart-shielding effect of trees and water content ratio of tree leaves experimentally.

Academic Background

1987 – 1991 College of Bioresource Science, Nihon University
1991 – 1994 Division of Civil Engineering Graduate School of Yokohama National University
2007 – 2010 Graduate School of Environment and Information Science, Yokohama National University


1991 – 2002 Private Enterprise of Construction Company
2002 – 2007 JISE Researcher
2007 – 2017 IGES-JISE Researcher
2017 – IGES-JISE Senior Researcher


  1. Phytosociological study for understand of the regional vegetation.
  2. Creation of native forest by potential natural vegetation theory.
  3. Fire-preventive function of trees

Academic Paper

(1) Hayashi, H., Y. Murakami and T. Yagasaki. 2003. Study for ordination of regional vegetation by degree of succession ?A case study on vegetation of western Takefu City, Fukui prefecture, JAPAN. Eco-Habitat, 10(1):57-76.
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(8) Hayashi, H., M.Shinohara, S.Matsushima and K. Fujiwara. 2012. Experimental investigation of the effect of trees near flame to reduce the received heat radiation behind the trees. J.Jpn.Soc.Reveget.Tech.,38(1):33-38.
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(15) Hayashi,H., Y.Murakami and K.Mutou. 2018. Growth and evaluation of environmental protection forests planted in Fuji city, Shizuoka prefecture. Eco-habitat, 25(1):51-56.

Belonging to Academic Conference

  • Ecological Society of Japan
  • Society of Vegetation Science
  • The Japanese Society of Revegetation Technology